Friday, July 9, 2010


Hagfish are jawless eel-like fish that have an intresting way of feeding. They squirt out slime and wrap it around fish gills, making them suffocate and die. Next, they slip into their gills and eat from the inside out! They also have tentacles around their mouth!


Hatchetfish are deep sea fish which have slivery scales. These scales reflect the faint sunlight above and make them virtually invisible. Hatchetfish also have big bulging eyes that point upwards to look for food falling from the surface.


The stargazer does not live in the deep sea but it has a clever way of catching its prey. It buries itself in the sand and waits for prey. Then, when a small fish a right above its mouth, it grabs it. Stargazers may give you quite a shock when you touch it.

Vampire Squid

The vampire squid is a deep sea creature with big, blue eyes which can close and open! When vampire squid are threatened, they shield themselves. How? They turn inside out! Their tentacles cover their bodies making a spiky shield. If not, their eyes will glow and confuse its predators.

Comb Jelly

A common deep sea creature, comb jellies have tiny hairs known as cilia to propel them through the water. None of them have a sting! Some comb jellies use their mouth to catch their prey.


The deep sea barreleye has a transparent head! The two green balls in its head are its eyes! Relative of the spookfish, the barreleye has been only seen once, and probably never be seen again.


The spookfish has large, tubular eyes. These big eyes collect as much light as possible and that helps them to see in the deep sea.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The anglerfish is a deep sea fish. It has a luminous rod on its head called a lure. The lure attracts its prey and then eats it up.


The blobfish is a deepwater fish and it is not built for this pressure so its body looks like this. It has no muscles so it can't really swim. It just floats in the water, waiting for something edible to come by.

Frilled Shark

The frilled shark is a weird eel-like shark.
It has a brown long body and has six gills instead of five, the normal. It may be mistaken for a sea serpent. It feeds on squid.